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Searching other codes in script


I have the following script showing in my load script.


LOAD *, [logdate] as Logdate_Month,

  Year([logdate]) as Logdate_Year

  ,num(today()) - 1460 as test123

  ,num([logdate]) as logdatetest

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='RCL0','Oracle'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='RRCL','Oracle'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='0000','Bottomline'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='FRMS','Bottomline'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='C000','Call Media'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CLLM','Call Media'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CSCD','Cascade'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CSC9','Cascade'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CST6','Castelle'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CM02','Client Manager'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CGNS','Cognos'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='CYBR','Cyborg'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='RCYB','Cyborg'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='DSCV','Discoverer'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='HXGN','Hexagon'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='HSBC','HSBC Net'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='FS00','IFS'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='FS20','IFS'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='MO04','Maximo'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='MA03','Maximo'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='MDS1','Midas'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='MDS0','Midas'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='QLK1','Qlikview'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='QLKW','Qlikview'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='RC50','Reports'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='SVRN','Severn Trent'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='STRT','Streetworks'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='STRM','Strumap'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='S006','Syclo'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='S008','Syclo'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='VRSN','Version One'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='VRS1','Version One'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='MPCT','WaterXP'

  , if(MID(fixcode,11,4)='ERXP','WaterXP'   

  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) AS SOFTWARE_TEST

  where num(today()) - 1460 < [logdate];

As you can see I have quite alot of if statements that look at a specific code and then enter it as a specific software value. 

However there may be some code that are no in the above list, however I want to show them as other.  Can this be done.

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Re: Searching other codes in script

Hi Jonathan,

behind last 'WaterXP' word add following:  ,'Other value' .


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Re: Searching other codes in script

Hi Jonathan,

behind last 'WaterXP' word add following:  ,'Other value' .


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Re: Searching other codes in script


It's cool

Try applymap() instead.

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