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Select different field values for 2 different fields with same values but different name from 2 listboxes


I have a chart with following expression formula. I want to set the value of vNumerator variable in the below formula with the value in the first list box and set the value of vDenominator with the value in the second list box. I want to be able to select different values for the same field or different values for 2 different fields (having same value but different field name) from 2 list boxes.

=Sum({$<ACCT_TYPE= {$(vNumerator)}>}INCOME)/Sum({$<ACCT_TYPE= {$(vDenominator)}>}INCOME)

I have tried following:

1. Alternate state works but then my chart does not work since it has to be driven with the same states as the 2 list boxes.

2. Duplicated column ACCT_TYPE and named it as ACCT_TYPE_2. Assigned first list box to ACCT_TYPE and second list box to ACCT_TYPE_2. However, if I select value from first list box having ACCT_TYPE field, the value in second list box gets selected automatically even though the field it holds is ACCT_TYPE_2.

Is there any work around to get the chart working by selecting 2 different values for same field or 2 different fields with same values but different field name ?

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Ok. Checking "Suppress values when Null" did the trick. Forgot about that

Thank you!