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Selecting a value from one listbox, autoselect from another list box?

Hey guys,

Here's my situation.  I have two list boxes with the following values:

List box 1




Lost box 2




I'm trying to make it to where if I select a value from list box 1, say Apple, it also selects "Green" from list box 2.  So no matter what I select in List box 1, it includes that selection PLUS "Green" from List box 2.

How could I go about doing this? 

Thank you for the help!

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Master II
Master II

load the color value with the fruit name in the script itself

then use that second list box.

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May you give them in the file an ID.

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Please find the attached file. Hopes it helps you.

Thanks and Regards,


Master III
Master III

Hi .

There is two way it can be implemented

---by setting triggers on field select

---by relating it in script with ID or keys