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Send to excel: only the total colomn rounded to thousand


besides buying nprinting or resorting to macros....

Does anyone know how I could avoid my excel export to have a colomn be rounded to thousands?

It's realy awkward: Straight table, one dimension as colomn, everything is looking great in excel, except for that total colomn that is rounded to thousands.

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Re: Send to excel: only the total colomn rounded to thousand

Hi Klaus,

I suggest you contact the support team directly for issues using NPrinting.

Here you can find lots of tutorials and you can give feedback or request support: Customer Feedback for Vizubi

In any case, try use the column/table configuration in the template editor as explained here:

Can I apply Excel formatting to my Excel reports? – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

How Do I Keep QlikView Formatting in my Report? – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

Which Formats Can I Use in Columns? – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

Hope this helps.


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