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Set Analysis - Pipeline


I am looking to put in some set analysis in my dashboard.  The field I want to use is ORDERVALUE, and I want to see the value of opportunities we have pending as of say today or this month onwards.   Can anyone advise of the expression that will be used?

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Re: Set Analysis - Pipeline

SUM({<Opportunity = {'Pending'}, Date = {'>=$(=Date(Today()))'}>}ORDERVALUE)

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Re: Set Analysis - Pipeline

Hi Members.

Being an active member i can't understand why people use to copy & post the same solution made by an other member previously on that topic. Its a request from my side to the members not to copy & post the same.

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Re: Set Analysis - Pipeline

They want to score some points or reply via email ?


Re: Set Analysis - Pipeline

QlikView Community is not only for making points !

This is a great site to learn more and more but members need to be understood this.

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