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Set Analysis to read a range based on condition

Hi all,

I want to use set analysis to sum up some quantities from certain files. I have 3 types of files that I load in my QVD in the following format (SourceFile):




I would like Set Analysis to sum up only data from LCCPST* files and ignore the other 2. One way is to specify the exact name of the file but is there a way to just include a range based on a condition? In this case read everythign that starts with LCCPST. I have tried to use the following but it does not work:

Sum({$< Left(SourceFile,6) = {'LCCPST'}>} QTY )

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Set Analysis to read a range based on condition

Try this

Sum({$<SourceFile = {'LCCPST*'}>} QTY)