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Set Analysis within multiple fields

ok, guys, Im asking for your help again...
Now, I would need to create an set analysis expression which would encompass multiple fields. it should be applied on current selection, so no ...'{1<'.... Literally I would say, it should be an set analysis giving an count of fields with particular value within current selection. But as far as I know set analysis does not support wildcardMasks in field portion and to do it like variable of dynamic expression would not encompass current selection condition. :/
Can you please give me a hand in this?

Thank you  very much!

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Re: Set Analysis within multiple fields

Can you post sample data or sample apps?

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Re: Re: Set Analysis within multiple fields

allright, I made a little, schematic, example:
what I want to achieve here is to be able to tell how many of '*BRR_*' -like fields contains just non negative value. But it have to be PER CODE - selectable on dashboard. One code will contain just positive or negative values...

I hope I made myself clearer

Thank 4 your support!

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