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Set analysis and field calculation


How can I calculate and compare a field in set analysis;

I'm trying to guess, count of estimated Customer Sales for given variables but I can't do that.

=Count( Sales * 1.1 = {">1000"}

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Re: Set analysis and field calculation

Try count({<Sales={'>$(=1000/1.1)'}>} Sales)

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Re: Set analysis and field calculation

Hi Gysbert,

I have static ranges like 0-35.000.  In 2012 there are  230 customers which their sales at that range. In additon I have a parameter and estimating market growth like "10%". At the end I have to say that next year we are estimating 200 customers will be at that range.

Range | Count of Customers 2012 | Estimated Count of Customers 2013

0-35.000 | 230 | 200

35.000 - 70.000 | 120 | 140

70.000+ | 110 | 120

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