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Set analysis expression based on variable value


I'm using QlikView Components to generate a master calendar table and set analysis variables. This allows me to easily create expressions for the current year to date and comparisons to the previous year. For example:

Total amount in year to date: Sum($(vSetYTD) Amount)

Total amount in the previous year to date: Sum($(vSetPreviousYearYTD) Amount)

My next goal is to provide the ability to select the period used in the set analysis.

To do this I have created three text area objects, which set a variable vSetPeriodSelection to 'YTD', 'MTD', and 'QTD' respectively.

I've tried expressions such as Sum($(IF(vSetPeriodSelection = 'YTD', vSetYTD, IF(vSetPeriodSelection = 'QTD', vSetQTD, vSetMTD))) Amount) without any success.

So my question is how do I use the value of this variable to determine the variable used in the set expression?