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Set analysis replacing IF (with AND OR (AND .. OR ..) etc)

Hello all

I'm building a dashboard and need to convert some tricky IF conditions into SET Analysis.

List all green items (see attached picture for example):

IF  (F2=A AND (F1=N OR F1=M)) OR
(F2=B) OR
(F2=C) OR
(F2=D AND F1=P)

then ...

I've attached a picture where my example data is visualized in a simple way (green and white items).

Regards, Robert

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Set analysis replacing IF (with AND OR (AND .. OR ..) etc)

Hi, Robert

I don't know you other fields, but let us say that you are trying to sum VALUE

You can use set analysis to operate with different sets

you expression could be:

sum ( { <F2={A}, F1={N,M}>+<F2={B}>+<F2={C}>+<F2={D}, F1={P}>}  value)

Hope this helps,



Set analysis replacing IF (with AND OR (AND .. OR ..) etc)

Maybe you should avoid so complicated expressions in Set Aanalysis.

I would create a field in script time e use this flag as a Set Analysis expression filter