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Show Product Movement through Factory

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to figure out a way to show the movement of a job through our plant floor. I have almost what I need but I don't like the way that the Animate Graph feature shows it.

It's using a simple scatter graph with the Plant Floor image as the plot area and I have the different departments the products move through as an X,Y coordinate.

I would like to be able to select a JOB or a JOBSECTION and have the graph cycle through the available DATE_TIME values. The problem though with simply animating it is that all the points on the scatter graph start from point (0,0). I would rather have the points just appear for that DATE_TIME than have them move across the graph. (This part is kind of hard to explain but if you open up the attached QVW and click the Play Animation button, you'll see what I mean.)

Is what I'm looking to do even possible? Also, I only have the Personal Edition for now so any help in the form of text or screenshots would be greatly appreciated!!



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Re: Show Product Movement through Factory


Remove [JOB & SECTION & LOCATION] dimension and add calculated dimension '=1'.

Now you should see flying balloon.

The problem with your data is that some sections have the same timestamp.

You could create keyframe_timestamp that slightly differs from that one but allows you to animate.

You can set =Color(FieldIndex('JOB & SECTION & LOCATION', [JOB & SECTION & LOCATION])) for X expression background color, to make the balloon to change the color depending on the section.

You can also remove animation, show arrows (presentation tab) and see static path image.

Re: Show Product Movement through Factory

Set the time between Values to for example 500 ms and Frames per second to 2. See attached qvw.

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