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Simpleton question - statistics (boxplot maybe?)


I was never good in statistics: I have to build a report to display the transfer time in our warehouse - from the time a "Track" is generated (when the goods are received into the warehouse) up to the time the parts from that "Track" are packed.

I have already prepared my test sample - well, it's not ideal, only 20% of the total nr. of "Tracks" are considered usable for further analysis now, not a lot.

I want to display some simple statistics on the transfer_times so that the people looking at that report can also understand it without any big background knowledge ;-)

Can I display something like a box_plot in QlikView without installing any add-ins?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Simpleton question - statistics (boxplot maybe?)

Hi DataNibbler,

yes there are some possibilities. I think this will be helpful for you:

Recipe for a Box Plot

Recipe for a Histogram

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis – Revisited

- Marcus

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