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Starting to use - Set Analysis help required :)

Hi All,

I'm new to Qlikview and am struggling with simple (?) Set Analyis

I have a data set which looks at the volume of campaign responses over time.

I have a summary table which contains the totals over time, split by date and campaign code - I'd like to have a table that simply looks at the most recent day's activity. So I can't 'filter' the data to that day or the Total table (over time) will get filtered too.

I was setting up a volume metric to do this by using the following syntax

=SUM({<dailyCreatedOn={'Max (dailyCreatedOn)'}>}dailyLoadTotal) - which should SUM the volume for the latest date.

But this doesn't seem to work - is there a way to fix this - or a better way to display one filterd table and one un-filtered table?

thanks for the advice

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Starting to use - Set Analysis help required :)

Before anything, there is a little syntax error in your expression:

SUM({<dailyCreatedOn={'$(=Max (dailyCreatedOn))'}>}dailyLoadTotal)

This should work, although it doesn't return the value you are looking for.

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