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New Contributor

Straight Table Sort by Expression

Hi Community!

I have a straight table with some calculated fields and other fields have expressions:


Columns with expressions:

Column 4: aggr(only({<[CALL SERVICE TYPE]={'EM','PM','IS','ROP'}>} [SERVICE NO.]), [SERVICE NO.])

Column 13: if([CALL SERVICE TYPE]='EM' and [PROBLEM TYPE]='HW' and not([REPAIR CODE]>=40 and [REPAIR CODE]<=43) and (above(total [MIF SERIAL])=[MIF SERIAL] and [SO DATE]-above(total [SO DATE])<=7),1,0)

Now there a catch, Column 3 then Column 4 must be sorted ascending to compute the value for Column 13 and 14 but I want to remove the Column 3 and sort by Column 1 and it is affecting the result by just changing the sort criteria.


Again, the goal is to remove the Column 3, but retaining the sort order [via some expressions(?)] to achieve the same result shown in image 1.

Thank you!