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Syntax - Sum


Syntax errors, any ideas.

trying to calculate sum on field Item Number.

sum (([List Price (SEK)] * Qty) /([BaselistPrice(SEK)] * Qty) , [Item number]))



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Re: Syntax - Sum

if Item Number is not one of the Dimension in ur chart then

sum(aggr(sum ([List Price (SEK)] /[BaselistPrice(SEK)] ), [Item number])))

Note that u dnt need Qty in both the Numerator and Denominator as they will cancel out.

If Item Number is a dimension, then you can simply do sum([List Price (SEK)] /[BaselistPrice(SEK)] )

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Re: Syntax - Sum

Thanks for the tip

Hi i have attached a picture below of the problem i am facing, I can work out the first varians in the table.

([List Price (SEK)]  - [BaselistPrice(SEK)] / BaselistPrice(SEK)]

however am looking an expression that can even work when Article number is not shown and you pivot down through other dimensions like Year varians and Customer (see below).




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Re: Syntax - Sum


i see that u're getting the sums right except for the BaseList(SEK) due to null values.

There're quite a few methods to solve this.

The best is to do it in script for the field [BaseList(SEK)]:

if(isnull([BaseList(SEK)],0,[BaseList(SEK)]) as [BaseList(SEK)]

try this and let me know if u get what u need

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