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Table Box Calculation Condition: GetSelectedCount(ClientName=0)

Hi, this is just a quick sanity check, but the expression in my subject line would be obsolete/do nothing in a table box on a dashboard where the ClientName field's list boxes are locked to 'Always one value selected' and there is no actual ClientName=0, correct?

I just noticed it on a dashboard a predecessor built and am not sure why that would be placed there in the first place.  Later in the dashboard's life, I had to lock it to always one client selected to keep people from crashing the server with attempts to pull all client data all at once, so thinking it's even more useless now- but wary of assuming anything about it too.  (We can still get all client data at once too, but it's a quiet background process done in a safer place, not on a live server shared by the whole company.)

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Re: Table Box Calculation Condition: GetSelectedCount(ClientName=0)

and yes/no is a fine answer to start.  If yes it is useless, you get a free 10 points.  If no, it's doing something, please tell me so I know if I need to address it.   Thanks!

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