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Table with +50 dimensions. No horizontal scrollbar possible? (Conditional Hide)

I'm trying to create a table with +50 Dimensions that can be altered by the user with a selection But i never get the horizontal scrollbar correct:

I created a checkbox with:




          Selection 1

          Selection 2

          Selection 3

          Selection 4




When a users selects a value from the checkbox the dimension from the table will be added (or deleted when deselected). I use following code for Conditional hide in the table dimension/expression:

=SubStringCount(Concat(#Selection, '|'), 'Selection 1')  and GetSelectedCount(#Selection)>0

The problems i have:

When i try a normal Table Box i cannot conditional hide parts of my Dimensions. Correct?

When i have a Stright table chart with all dimensions it even does not show a horizontal scrollbar. The table just keeps growing to the right.... When i add 2 expressions and putr one to the left and one to the right of the table it shows a scrollbar. But it is only growing for th expressions. When adding Dimensions it also keeps growing.

When i have a Stright table with 1 dimensions and all other expressions it is not showing my data right.

I tried putting the table into an Container. But even then it is not showing a horzontal scrollbar

I have found the tread http://community.qlik.com/message/275236. But i tried both and is not giving anny solution to the problems i'm expiriencing

I need some help to solve this issue.

Thanks a lot.

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