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Text object expression


I am using the following expression (TEXT OBJECT):

=sum(aggr(count(distinct if( CalendarMonthName= vCurrentMonth and CalendarYear = vCurrentYear,[Message Person ID])),Date)) 

I want to make it fixed value so it should only show the output for CalendarMonthName= vCurrentMonth and CalendarYear = vCurrentYear and should not get updated even I make any field selections in the application.



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Re: Text object expression

You can try this:

=sum(aggr(count(distinct {1<CalendarMonthName= {"$(=vCurrentMonth)"} and CalendarYear = {"$(=vCurrentYear)"}>} [Message Person ID]),Date)

I think aggr function isnt required as your are using in text box. If you have any specific reason ignore this comment.


Kiran Rokkam.

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