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Theoretical question: Parameters passed to variables?


I have a m.o.l. theoretical question: I'm just reading "Mastering QlikView" and among many things which I either already knew or which are not of any real value (that I see), I read about passing parameters to variables using $-expansion. That is actually quite cool - that way you can store mathematical operations or complex expressions either in the script itself or even in an INCLUDE file and just fill it with any field_names you need.

I just don't see how that would save me any time, however. It's just the same effort to do that than to just rename the fields so that they fit the expression loaded from an INCLUDE.

Can anyone tell me a realistic use_case for this possibility that would make things easier for anybody?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


P.S.: Up to now, I don't find that book terribly useful - but that might be because I'm in the wrong company to really play around with the more advanced features of QlikView.

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