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Timstamp Intervals

hi all,

trying to calculate duration in minutes between 2 Timstamps

create Timstamp in script as below:

Timestamp(StartDate&' '&StartTime,'YYYYMMDD hh:mm') as StartStamp,

Timestamp(EndDate&' '&EndTime,'YYYYMMDD hh:mm') as EndStamp,

calculating interval in both script and layout as below


and looks ok but,

when there is a day deference result comes bad... i.e :

end stamp = 20171105 00:01

start stamp = 20171104 23:56

endstamp - startstamp retrieves   :  -23:54 from script calculation


216:06 in layout calculation

where the result is 00:06.....

would appreciate your help,

advanced thanks

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Re: Timstamp Intervals

Use the below instead of interval 


Valued Contributor

Re: Timstamp Intervals


Time( Frac( Timestamp#( '20171104 23:56', 'YYYYMMDD hh:mm')), 'hh:mm')
Time( Frac( Timestamp#( '20171105 00:01', 'YYYYMMDD hh:mm')), 'hh:mm')
,'hh mm') 

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