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Total in straight table

Dear all

Please refer attachment of  h1.jpg  in this I have created straight table base on conditions  high value and high growth ,

quadrant wise report base on conditions if ( ) used in expression but total is not appering in straight table.

any one have idea how to arrive the total.



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Re: Total in straight table

Please, paste the expression you used. An if condition may cause problems in the total, as qlikview might find impossible to aggregate the condition used. Is it impossible to replace the if with a set analysis?

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Re: Total in straight table

Hi Vikas,

Your attachment is missed from your post. If possible, please attach your application aswell.


Re: Total in straight table

Give a try:

Change the 'Total Mode' (under expression tab) to 'Sum of rows'

Note: this depends on your expression and requirement

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Re: Total in straight table

in dimension limit tab for that check on Show total

hope it helps

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