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Union for the current selection data


How can i apply Union/or for the current selction data using a button click and the outcome/result should be shown in a table.

Is it possible?

If possible, Let me know how it works.

Remember any information or suggetions are valuable for me.


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Union for the current selection data

I didn`t understand your question... do you want to create an union between an specifiy set and current selections?

This could be something like this: sum ( { $+<country={abc}>} value) //current selection and union with set w/ country abc

or you make it field by field

sum ( {<country+={abc}>} value) // makes union between current selection on country and the country abc

... but again... not sure if that`s what you need

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Re: Union for the current selection data

Hi Erich,Sample.PNG

Thanks for your reply,

I Have a chart and a slider. Depends upon the field selected from the group in the chart and according to the range selected from the slider whether it is "inrange" or "outrange" ,the data is displayed in the chart.

Now I have two more buttons with names INRANGE and OUTRANGE after clicking the bbuttons the current selctions that are selected by me for getting the data in the chart are displayed in the current selection box and the data in the main table is reflected according to the selctions.

You can find the image of the selectionbox containing some selections in above image.

What is the requirement for me is after getting the selections from the selectionbox and applying union on those selections dynamically and finally after clicking on a button name as APPLY then only the data according to those selections are displayed in the main table.

Is it possible?

If possible or do u have any suggestions to do this task let me know.(URGENT)


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