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Using EDX with variables


I have a solution where we use EDX for manually update.

This works allmost as planned.

My problem is that I have 3 varaiables that needs to be updated on each load.

vBatchStartTime, vBatchStopTime, vTag


'11-11-2011 10:00:00',

''11-11-2011 11:00:00',


This is then put into yet another variable:

LET vSQL = 'EXEC master.dbo.xp_AnalogWideHistory ' & vBatchStartTime & ', ' & vBatchStopTime & ', ' & 100000 & ', ' & vTag;

SQL $(vSQL);

When I hit the button I can see, in some textboxes, that the different variables changes.

The result is shown in a trend line.

The problem is that this does not happend att all.

If I add the code below it works.(I can also remove the edx totaly, but then the button will not work from client)


ActiveDocument.Reload (Not sure why I need it twice, but I do)

How can I get EDX to parse variables as well.

I found one example, but it seems to only handle one variable, and a predefined variable


Anybody got any comments or ideas on how to solve this?


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