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Using NUM in set analysis

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with set analysis for a field which I need to check for a certain format. It has to be 10 characters long and be of a numeric value. So farI have this but its not working. Where am I going wrong?


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Using NUM in set analysis


here is one workaround - (there are sure to be others!)

Use a search string on your Patient.NHSNumber field like this

len(purgechar([Patient.NHSNumber],'0123456789')) =10

this will strip out the numeric characters and then test the length. So, in theory it will only keep the records having a 10 character numeric value.

in set analysis you will have to write it like this:

{<[Patient.NHSNumber],={"=len(purgechar([Patient.NHSNumber],'0123456789')) =10"}>}.

The NUM() function you used formats the field it doesn't tell if the field is or isn't a numeric value without additional code.

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Using NUM in set analysis

You could create this condition as a flag on your script:

Load... (your fields, etc) ,

if ( len (Patient.NHSNumber) =10 and isnum( Patient.NHSNumber), 1,0) as patientFlag

Resident/From (as your original code)

Then, in set analysis, your condition will simply be:


Hope this helps,


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