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Using Set Analysis or not?

Hi all,

I'm working at my QlikView app for a customer.

The dataset contains selling data from a petrol store.

I want to show the amount of liters starting at current week and then 10 weeks backwards.
I thougt I can make a calculated dimension for this; but after trying and searching it still doesn't work.

In my selection I select the Year (ex. 2011) and Week (4). At the top of the tab I show the selling data for the selected week.
In the bottom I want to show the selling history for the last 10 weeks including a compare with last year.

I've attached an Excel sheet, maybe that makes my question clear.

Maybe I missed something and is it impossible with Set Analysis?

Gr. Niels

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Using Set Analysis or not?

I think its tough to implement set analysis on data given in excel.

you can use set analysis on gicen data if you modelled in such a way that year have single column instead of 2010,2011 as seperate column.

otherwise comparison is complex if you use set analysis.

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Using Set Analysis or not?

Contrary to the above; there's absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn't be able to achieve the results you require using Set Analysis or good old 'IF' statements to control the dates the application is looking at.

If you can post a sample of the .qvw that would help as not knowing your data set it's tricky to offer a suitable solution.

All the best,

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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Using Set Analysis or not?

I'll post a QVW later this day !

Thanx for quick answers!

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