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Using Show/Hide with multiple show hide conditions

Hi All,

I'm doing a show hide but I have multiple buttons. They are all set up for showing and hiding but when I click any of the buttons I want the main chart to disappear

for the show hide I have

I have a button to create a 'Variable' using the following conditions If(Variable = 1, 0, 1). The object I want to show and hide is set as Variable. The objects I want to do the opposite is set to Variable=0 condition however I have multiple variables/buttons where I want this object to hide. Is this possible?

I tried

Var1=0 or Var2=0 or Var3=0 etc but that syntax is incorrect. Please assist or let me know if this is possible



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Re: Using Show/Hide with multiple show hide conditions

It's not really clear how you set up your objects and how you want them to react on any button press, but assuming all buttons are toggling a specific variable and you want to hide the main chart if any of the variables is set to zero / false, try as show condition for the main chart

=Var1 and Var2 and Var3


Re: Using Show/Hide with multiple show hide conditions

Hi, I agree with Stefan, there are a lot of options when I try to guess what you're trying to do.

Maybe what you want needs additional actions in buttons to change more than one variable.

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