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Using row value in set analysis


I'm stuck at problem where I want sum an amount based on on a value in a field per row. Please see the attached app and picture.

If I hardcode the value as sum({<row_number = {2}>} total amount) it works but when I try to use the contents of a field (per row) it fails.

Can anyone help me find a solution? It does not matter if it is set analysis or if statements. I just want to be able to sum based on other rows than the current. I will use it to make calculations based on the sums of the different rows. For example, if(row_number=3, sum(row1)/sum(row(2)).




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Re: Using row value in set analysis

Does this give you any help?

Missing Manual - Above() and Below()

Please see attached

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Re: Using row value in set analysis

Hi Ola,

set analysis won't be able to do this for you, as the set is defined for the whole chart rather then row by row. Maybe the attached will help


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Re: Using row value in set analysis

Thanks, but it was not quite what I was looking for, but I learned something new so thanks!

I ended up writing the full expression in the field and then doing a $ sign expansion on the field which gets what I was looking for.