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WHERE clause while LOAD qvd.

Hi all,
im trying to load a qvd file with a where clause with the codes below:

LET vDate=Date(Today(),'D/M/YYYY');



from C:\Users\KN-4K0YPK1\Desktop\QlikView\GetSCD.qvd(qvd)

where VALID_FROM = '$(vDate)';

store Today into C:\Users\KN-4K0YPK1\Desktop\QlikView\Day_$(vDate).qvd;

But the code doesn't work, help me out please.

Thanks in advance.

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WHERE clause while LOAD qvd.

It works when I:

LET vDate=Floor(MakeDate(2011,6,16));

So it is sure that it has a problem with Date(Today(),'D/M/YYYY').

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