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Why does my page look so different in WebView?

I am designing a sheet that has a 2-color gradient background (Sheet Properties/General/BackgroundSheet Settings/Color), with several charts where I have specified rounded corners (Chart Properties/Layout/Rounded Corners), When I toggle to WebView (under View menu) the 2-color background becomes solid white, and all the chart corners are square. What happened to my formatting?

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Re: Why does my page look so different in WebView?

Hi Russel,

that is an expected behaviour. certain formats like border rounding, alignment, some objects like calendar object, an even properties windows and navigation buttons will appear different depending on which client you use to visualize QV Apps. If you want that a Dashboard looks exactly the same in browser and in desktop you need to use Internet Explorer with IE-Plugin. Other browsers just have the option of ajax client,

Also it is important to note that there are some functionalities that will work in desktop mode/IE-Plugin but not in Ajax and viceversa (for example extensions and session collaboration work only in Ajax Client, while macros work only in desktop and IE-plugin).

Sometimes it can be kind of annoying but depending on the result you're looking for, then you'll need to choose between any of the available clients,


Re: Why does my page look so different in WebView?


This is known thing with WebView.

If you want 100% replication, then I would suggest you to go with IE Pluggin Instead of AJAX.



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