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actual sales date

Good day!

I have some problem with calculation actual date for different values of dimension

I have pivot table with dimensions : Product and Sales point

in expression i show sales for the last actual date

But i want to show  sales with actual date for such sales points, which have sales > 0 at least for one product.

In my example i show last actual date 22.07.2014, but for Sales point 2, Sales point 8 and Sales point 9 i must show sales other last date, which has sales > 0 at least for one product

Thanks for all advices!

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Re: actual sales date

A qvw with sample data and a bit of more explanation against that data could help us help you.

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Re: Re: actual sales date

i can show you more explanation, but can't give qvw model.

There's explanation in attached file

Thank you!

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Re: actual sales date

I don't quite catch, how dates of sales (they're missing from the xlsx) are linked with the data? Is the Sales point x a place of sales or a date of sales?

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