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changing Banding-field in report


i want to change the banding field in a report.

- is there a way to set a variable in the "Banding-Field"

- how is the Syntax for changing this field in Macro.

Thank for your help


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Re: changing Banding-field in report

I've got the same problem as described above.

Using QV 11.20 and still haven't found a macro function to set dinamically a field for banding the report.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Re: changing Banding-field in report


this is not possible through menus, maybe with some macro, but I'm not sure. However, QlikView native reporting is not really a robust solution. If your requirements grow you may need a more robust solution, you may give it a try to other solutions like NPrinting which is especially designed to deliver reports and with plenty configurable options, which cannot be done with native reporting,


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Re: changing Banding-field in report

maybe this is the solution.!!!

' get the specific report for modify banding

Set rep =ActiveDocument.GetReport("RP01")

' remove old report

ActiveDocument.RemoveDocReport "RP01"


' add new dimension for banding

rep.DynamicName.v = "Report description in list report"

rep.Comment = "Comment ......."

rep.Banding.Fields = "Sales"   ' Banding of Report

rep.Pages.Item(0).Banding.Fields = "Office"  ' banding for pages 1

rep.Pages.Item(1).Banding.Fields = "Department"  ' banding for pages 2

ActiveDocument.AddDocReport rep


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Re: changing Banding-field in report

Hi Francesco,

probably I'm missing something but... Are you sure that this macro works? Specifically I'm interested in the piece that changes the banding for the single pages.

I've tried with QlikView 10SR6 and 11.20SR13 but with both versions when it comes to assign the banding field the application crashes.

I'm sure that the name of the field I'm calling is correct. It doesn't work as well if I try to set the banding field as ActiveDocument.GetField("test_field").

Do you have any suggestion?



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