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chart should change with filters

Hello guys

well what i am thinking in that i feel i should had get output what i am expecteing but its not happening .

suppose i have got the table like this

table1:                                                                                      table2:

places      amount    category                                                      location                    places

dadar          200            smelting                                                    mumbai                  dadar

dadar          100            mining                                                      mumbai                 malad

malad          100          smelting                                                    mumbai                goregoan

malad            50          mining                                                        rajasthan              udaipur

goregoan        150        smelting                                                      rajasthan              jaipur

uadipur          100          smelting                                                                           

jaipur              150        mining .......

NOTE:category(smelting ,mining) two different bar charts

BY default i am showing all the smelting in one chart and mining in one chart irrespective of the selection..which looks like this


category            amount

smelting              550(sum(dadar+malad+goregoan+uadipur)

mining                  300(sum(dadar+malad+jaipure)

what client requirement is i need to show to filters 1.location


if he select only  location(mumbai)    from the drop down without choosing place filter then


category                      AMOUNT

smelting                        450(sum(dadar+malad+goregoan))

mining                          150   

and if he go farther and select place also from the drop down then  in the same bar chart it should like this

suppose if he select (location :mumbai, place:dadar)

the chart should show this:

category                  amount

smelting                    200

my expression what i writen is this:



but its not working in this way any suggestions please



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Re: chart should change with filters

location={"*"} means all possible locations, so it ignores a selection in this field, same for place. If you do not want to ignore these selections use



Re: chart should change with filters

What Piet Hein van der Stigchel‌ has said should work + you don't need to expressions here. You can add category as dimension and Sum(amount) as expression and you are good to go.


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Re: chart should change with filters

Hello ,

Thanks for your reponse and itswas really helpfull ,i have one more query on it

see i am showing   location field

                             places field    as a dropbox

so if end user select a

location=mumbai then he should only able to see those places which are related to mumbai.wat i mean is

places=dadar  (dropdown)


            goregoan    (see should not see other place i men jaipur and uadipur which come under other location)



Re: chart should change with filters

I think this is how it is working right now.

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