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concatenate statement, lost data question

Dear QlikView Community,

I load several Excel-Tables into my QlikView document. The loaded data for internal budgets gets lost every time I close my file. I have used the concatenate statement with CrossTableFinal. The problem is the same if I load the table without concatenate the statement. What I do:

1. Open the file saved on the server


2. Run the load script ==> All data is up-to-date


3. Save the file on the server

4. Close the file

5. Re-open the file (from server or QlikView Access Point) ==> Layout changes, script changes, and all data except for one table (see load script above for missing data) are up-to-date.

I am using a section access on this document with strict data reduction on opening (NTNAME and NTNAME2). I can see all restricted data after reload, only the one table is lost after saving… However I do not have the problem if I deactivate the data reduction. I can see all entries for “Account” and “Order_Description” so I cannot understand why I cannot see the data for “BudgetData”

Do you have any idea who to solve this problem?

Thank you!

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Re: concatenate statement, lost data question


If you have no issues without section access, the issue is regarding with it

you should check what you restrict in Section Access.

How did you reduce data by section access?

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