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Re: concatenate

Hi Priya,

Concatenate tables like Union in Oracle.it will append the records from both tables like vertival merging.


Load * from tab1;


Load * from tab2;

But here two tables having same structure.

concatenation: if you dont have same structure use concatenate keyword.if you have same structure qlikview itself it will concatenate each other by default.

noconcatenation: if you don't want concatenation use no concatenate keyword

Column concatenation means if you have A and B columns then create new column like this

Load A,


         A&' '&B as New_Column( this is field concatenation)

from table;

hope this will help to you.

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Re: concatenate

Hi Priya,

Just goto ---> qlikview Help der all the string functions are der.just go through that if you dont understand any function just post it in community.

der you can find all the string and numeric and time functions

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