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count in dimension

Good Morning,

Does someone of you know, how to Count in a Dimension?

As you can see the first two project_id's have the same postrule_id.

In this case I dont want to see that entry.

I thought of a count-function in the Dimension so that only the project_id's will be shown where at more than one postrule_id is included.

(Null-values should not be shown in the table)

I searched the qlikview-Forum but could not find anything for Dimension (only for calculation).

Does someone of you have an idea?


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Perhaps a calculated dimension like this will do the trick: =if(aggr(count(distinct accounting),postrule_id,asset_id,project_id,txnper,txnyear)=1, postrule_id)

If not, please post a small qlikview document that demonstrates the problem.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

You could probably use expression something like:

=If( Aggr( Count( Distinct postrule_id) , txnyear, txnper, projectid)>1, projectid)

in place of projectid

and check 'Suppress When value is Null' in the dimension tab.

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Hi Gysbert,

my Dimension accounting is calculated:

=(if (asset_status = 'sold', postrule_id&'.'&kst_id&'.'&project_id&' (H) ', postrule_id&'.'&kst_id&'.'&project_id&' (S) '))

Do you think it is possible to say, that the line should only be shown, if the postrule_id is unequal?