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creating relation/cartesian matrix

quick question

I have a table which is structured something like this:

customer_name, salesperson

customer1, person1

customer2, person1

customer3, person2

customer4, person2

customer3, person3

now I wish to make matrix in qlikview which will calculate how many distinct salespeople did sales to particular customer vs another customer

basically I should have a chart where both axis will have customer as a dimension, but the content of the box should be a number of overlaping persons

is there some easy to find solution to this?


What I need is the matrix which will show how many unique salespeople is shared between combination of two customers.

so, in the example above customer 1 and customer 2 share same salesperson

customer 3, have two salespeople but only one is shared (with customer 4)

customer 4 have only one salesperson which is shared with customer 3

so my matrix should end up like this

Header 1customer1customer2customer3


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Re: creating relatiin/cartesian matrix

Hi, Marko Rakar.

See if the example attached help.

Make load after download. I reduced the size to upload.