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current week set analysis syntax.

hi currently i have an date field which stretches my weeks association above current week,

i.e this week is week 33, my field week has assocations to week 54.

what i am looking to do is create a set analysis statement using the current week.

i have tried the following without success;


in normal case of course you can use max(Week) however in my case not.

Sum({$<Week={$(=Max(Week))}>}  Nettobelopp)/1000

any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: current week set analysis syntax.

How about this:

Sum({$<Week={$(=Week(Today()))}>}  Nettobelopp)/1000

or, if you can pre-calculate the current week as a variable in the load script, you could use the variable:

Sum({$<Week={$(vCurrentWeek)}>}  Nettobelopp)/1000

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