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dynamically creating objects based on selection in listbox


I have a listbox and a straight table.

For each selection in the listbox,I have to create one straight table.

If i select only one value in listbox then there should only one table showing the details of the selected value,

if I select two values from list box then there should be two tables one showing details of firstvalue and the second showing details of second value.

I don't want to precreate tables and display it on selection of values in listbox as the values in listbox will go on increasing.

PFA.Any help on this is really appreciated.



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Re: dynamically creating objects based on selection in listbox


you have to create one straight table for every value in listbox and check in every table the option "show conditional".

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Re: dynamically creating objects based on selection in listbox

I do not think in QlikView one can create Chart Objects dynamically based on a logic. Previously created Charts in Hidden format is the solution which can work in your case. I'll wait to see if Community experts have some other solution.

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Re: dynamically creating objects based on selection in listbox

hi there,

there are a couple of ways to do it as long as the dimensions are the same for all tables...

1. have one table with all the expressions for each listbox selection. then make the expressions enabled conditionally, by selecting "Conditional" right next to "Enable".

For each expression, use a condition something like getfieldselection(ListboxField)='Field1', etc. corresponding to the listbox selection. the table will update in response to list box selection. of course, if you have more than 3-4 list box values, this method becomes tedious very quickly.

2. as long as the field names are in a particular format, then you can concatenate the selection in the field box and display data dynamically within the same table.

what i mean is...let's say in a table your expressions are sum(Sales for ABC), sum(Orders for ABC) and ABC is a value selected from a listbox...the expressions in the table can be written as sum($vSum) and sum($vOrders)

where vSum = '[Sum for '& GetFieldSelections(Condition)&']'

and vOrders = '[Orders for '& GetFieldSelections(Condition)&']'

the values will update for listbox selections ABC, DEF, XYZ, etc. this was the case in one of my requirements...obviously, modify it to suit yours.

Of course, this method will need your field names to be in a particular format.

post a sample qvw and i can help you if necessary.

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Re: dynamically creating objects based on selection in listbox

@diego carrara,Sudeep Mahapatra,jsaradhi

Thanks For your replies,I don't find any ways to dynamically creating pivot tables and hence pre-created tables and enabled "Show Conditional".