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help with a pivot-table

Hi everybody,

I need a (simple) information how to get the following result in an qlikview-pivot table.

This is my Qlikview-Pivot now, there is not calculation. I put fix a '1' in it.


But I want to have it like below. What do I have to do?


Thanks for you help in advance.

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Re: help with a pivot-table

Is the Excel Column E & F based on calculations or those are hard writen value?

If that's values only you can create Table Box in Qlikview instead of PT

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Re: help with a pivot-table

Hi Robert,

no this are not hard-written values. I have for every ProjektNr. the Info CapexCatagory and CapexType.

But CapexCatagory should appear like in my first post. Please find below the same Table without Pivot.


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Re: help with a pivot-table

It seems u are not looking for  Grouping the data base on dimension.

If this is the case use the Straight table instead of  Pivot Table.

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Re: help with a pivot-table

Use a straight table instead of a pivot table then:

Create mapping load(s) for an indicator i.e.



    Project, LumpSum

    41127, 'X'

    31236, 'X'

    31243, 'X'


Apply the MAP in your fact

APPLYMAP('MapLumpSum',ProjeckNr.,' ') AS LumpSumIND,