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on open trigger

Hello All

How to get select multiple dates on opening  the application

i got a Date field data like this


03 Jan

04 Jan




30 Jan......

i wrote two Triggers(on open)

1)select in field ----->Date

                              23 Jan

2) Select in field ---->Date

                             ='<=$(=Date(Date,'DD MMM YYYY'))'  which is not working

o/p i am looking is on open the document

i need this           03 Jan   <= 23 Jan



2 Replies

Re: on open trigger

Naveen, one easy way is to set a flag in the script for the values where you need to select the dates and then set a on open trigger to select the value 1 i.e. the flag field which will be a easy way to handle 

Re: on open trigger

You can assign the value into the variable and you can use that in your trigger. for e.g

Variable Name :  vMin

Value :  =Date(Date#('03 Jan 2016','DD MMM YYYY'),'DD MMM YYYY')

Variable Name : vMax

Value :  =Date(Date#('23 Jan 2016','DD MMM YYYY'),'DD MMM YYYY')  // You can change this as dynamic instead of hard code date

In your trigger, you can try like

search string would be ,    ='>='&vMin&'<='&vMax