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problem of comparision sales data

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the comparision of actual and previous year sales data for more than a year. In my pivot there are the dimensions country, year and month. The calculated formulas are for example sales previous year, sales actual year, growth abs and growth %.

The formula growth abs is calculated with sales actual year minus sales previous year. As long as I am showing data for actual year = 2019 everything works out fine (because of defined variables for previous and actual year in my script). But if I want to show the data for more than one year, I am helpless.

Attached you'll find a picture of my analysis to make it comprehensible to you. The data for thesales of the actual year is from the bills that have been written according to month/year. In my opinion exactly this is the problem so that the data won't be shown as I want it to - the billing date defines the year in which the sales are shown and if I want to show more than one year of data the previous and actual year are equal.

Do you have an idea for solving this Problem? (Shortly: I want to Show the sales of 2016 in sales actual but also in sales previous but in year 2017.)

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Re: problem of comparision sales data

You will need to check with SET-Analysis and use formulas like
SUM({<Year = {$(=MAX(Year) -1)}>} Sales)
For the Sales incurred one year before the selected year.

A good description for point-in-time-reporting can be found here: