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problem with calculated dimension

Hi All,

my pie chart is showing wrong values it seems  because of my calculated dimension ,please take a look at the attached qvw

the problem is it is showing slamet and notmet correctly when i take the ticket numbers in straight table but in the pie chart it is not working .when i click on particular ticket number it is showing as 50 % met and 50%notmet , ideally it should be met or not met

this is kind of important pls help kush141087


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Re: problem with calculated dimension

Where can I see this straight table you are talking about?

It's hard to answer what is wrong without actually knowing what your expected result and your requirements are.

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Re: problem with calculated dimension

it shows both status, because you have both cases for this "ticket". I built a table showing that.

Selecting "162067", you have 7 NOTmet and 1 SLAMET. Cause you are using DISTINCT, you graph count only 1 for each, but if you put it out, will show you the correct value.

I did not understand as well what you need, but I'm seeing some wrong concepts. If you explain more about it, we'll can help you more