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sales, excluding coming months!

I'm making a simple bar chart showing accumulated sales from current year compared to last year:

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For 2010 actuals im using the following formular:


({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear))}>} NetAmount)

For 2009 actuals I'm using the following formular:


({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear)-1)}>} NetAmount)

I would like to make the chart exclude 2010 actuals for the months ahead, so July, August, etc. are only showing 2009 actuals.

Any suggestions?

BR/ Lars

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sales, excluding coming months!

Hi Lars,

If you are not doing full accumulation, then set your month field in set analysis to be equal or less than the actual month

({$<invLineYear={$(=Max(invLineYear))}, invLineMonth={'<=$(Max(invLineMonth))'}>} NetAmount)

I personally prefer to flag the current year to date dates for all years in my application, so I would only accumulate for those values. But I guess this is more a design/display issue than an accumulation one, so you may change your bar background color to white or whatever your background color is if date is longer than today, on the [+] icon expanded in the Expressions tab.

Hope that helps

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sales, excluding coming months!

Hi Miguel,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm doing a full accumulation on the YTD figures, so the set analysis approach doesn't seem to work.

I've tried to make the background criterias, but it doesn't seem to work either (I'm a QlikView rookie, so poerhaps thats the reason :-). I've used the following formulas for the background color criteria:


if( invLineMonth > today(), RGB(255 ,0, 0),RGB(0 ,128, 0))

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wring?

/ Lars

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AW:Re: sales, excluding coming months!


Try the attribut expressin (in exoression the +-button) for Line style with an IF-statement: <wX> for width or <sX> for style!

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