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sum aggr max per respondent over changing dimensions

Dear all,

What I am trying to do is find max values for 'BereikBruto' over several dimensions, however: per individual Respondent, where Respondents are unique in the lowest dimension of a Commercial, but have a multiple presence over a Date, Channel etc. wiht several values for 'BereiksBruto'.

I am looking for the highest value per Respondent over several dimensions and add these up.

Adding simply all 'BereikBruto' (meaning gross reach) values up is displayed in sum(BereikBruto). What I need to esthablish is a figure around 13mio in total for 'net reach' in total.

As shown below, the green value is correct (right column) but I can not get the formula correct to find my solution. Please advice.

example set.jpg

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