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sum(value) doubles values

Good Morning,

I have a Problem with my Pivot.

I have a table with all docnum related to an asset. Some docnums have more than one line (doclinenum).

he calculation "sum(valuehome)" calculated wrong. It takes in every line the amount of both lines and sums up the wrong way (1.439,30 instaed of 719,65)..

I thought of just taking valuehome instaed of sum(valuehome), but then I dont get totals.

In the pic below the total of "sum(valuehome)" is wrong and only "valuehome" does not Show a Total.

How can I solve this Problem? I want to have the correct amount in every line (719,65) and the correct sum (1.439,30).

Thanks in advance.


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Re: sum(value) doubles values

Divide the sum by the count of doclinenum values: sum(valuehome)/count(total <docnum> doclinenum)

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Re: sum(value) doubles values


sum(distinct valuehome)


Re: sum(value) doubles values

I would say that you need to add a distinct to the dimension 'doclinenum' =count(distinct(doclinenum))

that way you filter out the double numbers. and the count should work properly.

(I am not entirely sure, I am not able to test it right now.)


Re: sum(value) doubles values


Try like this

Sum(Agg(Sum(MeasureName), docnum))



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Re: sum(value) doubles values

Hi,  try Max rather than sum if the values are same.  Thanks Kiran Kumar
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