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using guage for average

Hi - I'm trying to use a guage dial to show the average time a call takes to connect.

The field I want to use is RingingTime. I have a series of call records each having a RingingTime.

My dial is always at 1. (100%). I have

sum(total RingtingTime) as the dimension

sum(RingingTime) / sum(total RingingTime) as the expression.

However it's always coming in as 1.

It's like the total isn't working. I would expect that sum(RingingTime) is from the current filter options and sum(total RingingTime) should be ALL the ringingtime for the entire dataset.

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick??


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using guage for average


    Yes it shows 1 because the sum(RingingTime) and Sum(Total RingingTime) has the same value.

     Let me explain. Cosider you have data as below.

     User ID    RingingTime.

         1              10

         2              20
         3              30

     So now when you say sum(RingingTime) will be 60 and sum(Total RingingTime) = 60

     So you are getting 1.

     But for average your expression should be sum(RingingTime)/Count(RingingTime or UserID)


     This will give you 60/3 i.e 30. which is the avg.

     So please make changes in your expression by considering above calculation of avg.

     Hope this helps.


Kaushik Solanki