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600000 Records

Hello i have a txt file with 600000 records.

When i reload only 290.000 will be loaded.

I know that it is possible to load 600000 recrods.

But why stops it at 290.000 recs?

Thx in advance

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Re: 600000 Records


probably is because there's a symbol that is interfering with your data. For example let's say that your file is a comma separated file and one of your records contains this string:

1, text, text, 'some text ' some more text'

In this example the single quotes are used for grouping text that contains spaces. However, there's another single quote that is actually part of the string. This will make your script to stop loading.

This is just an example, but in your case it could be something like this. Check if there's something strange in the record where your text file stops loading,


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Re: 600000 Records


i Have deleted the lines and stops again at same line.

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Re: 600000 Records

Try to load the same into Excel Delimited .CSV file format and verify that all loads as you expect.

If not, then something is wrong with your data.

After all is loaded, save again to a .CSV Comma delimited and try to load again to QlikView

Re: 600000 Records

I think Jamie is on the right track. It's usually improperly escaped characters. In a CSV the double " is used to escape commas. " is also used as symbol for inches. Several times I have seen descriptions like

27" Monitor

cause a problem if the " is not escaped as well.

The data problem is always on the line where it stops, it may be a few lines behind. Try deleting 1000 lines prior to the failure. If that fixes it you can begin narrowing it down.


Re: 600000 Records

Another idea that may be helpful: let QlikView assist you in finding the bad punctuation

  1. Load lines with a line counter.
  2. Create a table box will all fields from the text file and sort the content on descending line number.
  3. Look for the earliest field value that is definitely wrong or out of order.


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Re: 600000 Records

Peter has given you a way to analyse you data and find the ill sections.

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Re: 600000 Records

Hi Ama,

Maybe try this one and see those records




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