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AD Group information from Server ?

Hi all,

Is it possible to determine which and all AD groups are associated with any QV application on server? Can we somehow pull this information into cloud?

Thanks for your time.



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Re: AD Group information from Server ?

You can do it in a VB Script. Something like below:

strFolderName = "C:\QlikView\QlikViewApp.qvw"


Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:")

Set objFolderSecuritySettings = _

objWMIService.Get("Win32_LogicalFileSecuritySetting='" & strFolderName & "'")

intRetVal = objFolderSecuritySettings.GetSecurityDescriptor(objSD)

intControlFlags = objSD.ControlFlags

If intControlFlags AND SE_DACL_PRESENT Then

   arrACEs = objSD.DACL

   For Each objACE in arrACEs

      WScript.Echo objACE.Trustee.Domain & "\" & objACE.Trustee.Name



   WScript.Echo "Error reading security info"

End If

put above code in a .vbs file, change the file path and name in the first line and run it in the server. It will give you popup of all AD Groups assigned to the app.

You can turn this code into one which reads all the folders, and sub-folders, and appends information to a file. Then, you can read that file anywhere you want. You can also run this as a macro in your application, just enable the system access on the macro editor in QV.

Hope this helps you.

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Re: AD Group information from Server ?

Thanks Rakesh. But how will your script find out the AD groups related to say 10 diff applications which I am interested in?



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Re: AD Group information from Server ?

Well, you could do something like enclosed quickly. Pass your 10 applications to the variable, in a loop, and collect their AD assignments.

Or did I misunderstood you completely?

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