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AD authentication with Custom Login page

Dear All,

I have configured AD in QvS 11 and I can see the AD users under the USERS tab in QEMC.
For information, Setup is done QVS with IIS.

How can I make use of custom login page i.e. login2.htm with AD user authentications?

Which Authorization mode I need to provide DMS or NTFS?

Would appreciate for quick response.



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AD authentication with Custom Login page


If you want to use your AD credentials only then you can use NTFS as well as DMS. Configuring and maintenance in NTFS seems a bit easy to me but it is your choice.

Just make sure that in Authentication type you have selected NTLM because then only user's NTLM login info will be passed to Web server. The authentication page whatever you choose does not make difference. it is Authentication type which makes difference in the way users are authorized.

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AD authentication with Custom Login page

It is possible to setup, I've done it in the past but it's not that easy with IIS.

You would need to provide anonymous access to some QV folders, sorry I don't have the exact configurations.

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