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AJAX Table Box Export

Does anyone have any experience with performing large table box exports from the AJAX ZFC in QV version 8.20?

We have an application with several charts, and one of them is a detail tablebox which has a fair amount of transaction history. This tablebox has 31 columns and can be anywhere between 200,000 and 800,000 rows, and the number of rows is increasing with each passing month. Our client has expressed the desire for the ability to export the tablebox into a locally consumable file format. In the past we've used the export to excel button in the caption of the tablebox, and that worked up to a certain point before we started hitting our apache and iis timeout limits. The export to Excel process, from what we were told by QT support, takes about 1 second for each 10,000 rows at 10 columns wide. This, they said, was working as designed, but working as designed means that our tablebox took anywhere from 20-30 minutes to export if it exported at all.

To speed things up, we began looking at exporting to a csv file, however our current version of QV does not make this an easy thing to deliver on either. We are currently running qvs version 8.20 and the right-click menu (with the export command) does not exist in this version. Ideally, we would like to give the user the ability to export the tablebox and then let them continue with their analysis, regardless of whether it has completed or not, and then notify them when it has.

Are there any options that we can try to make the export to csv option work smoothly in version 8.20? Upgrading to a newer version of QV is not an immediately possible in our organization. [8o|]

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AJAX Table Box Export


Have you investigated exporting to a CSV file from a button?

What is the purpose of the locally consumable file? Could you not achieve the same purpose in QlikView?


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AJAX Table Box Export

Yes, we have tried the following code to try the export from a button:

Sub ExportCSV
set cs = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")
cs.ServersideExport "\\servername\folder\test.csv,","
End Sub

This still makes the user wait for the file to be created before they can continue navigating through the application. We then placed another button on the app that opens the export directory in a new browser window.

It's a bit of a long story how they got to the point where they wanted all the data... They are basically under the assumption that if they see it on the screen, then they should be able to download it. What they are most likely to do with it is send it to another party who does not have access to the application.